If you are interested in participating in a decentralized clinical trial (DCT), there are several ways to get involved:
  1. Talk to your doctor: Your doctor can help you determine if a DCT is a good option for you and can provide you with information on ongoing trials.
  2. Check online registries: Websites such as ClinicalTrials.gov allow you to search for clinical trials, including DCTs, that are currently enrolling participants.
  3. Contact trial sponsors: If you know of a company or organization that is conducting clinical trials, you can contact them directly to inquire about DCT opportunities.
  4. Join a patient advocacy group: Patient advocacy groups may have information on ongoing DCTs and can provide support and resources to help you participate.
  5. Follow social media: Many trial sponsors and patient advocacy groups use social media to share information on clinical trials, including DCTs. By following these accounts, you may be able to learn about new opportunities.
  6. Join our group at Arab Board for Clinical Research. Click here to subscribe to our News. Click here to fill out your pre-screening demographic information survey.